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osCommerce Search Engine Optimisation Package
Yes Analysis of your current search engine ranking and competitors
Yes osCommerce modules added
Yes Existing osCommerce Configuration Optimised
Yes SEO Consultation
Fight back! Jump above your competitors in the search engine rankings
eShopFitters offer search engine optimisation (SEO) for new and existing customers. We work with osCommerce sites everyday and have a proven formula to help your site rise through the search engine rankings.
Let your products standout from the crowd with our osCommerce Search Engine Optimisation Package

Standout from the Crowd

Price: 395 (FREE with ELOADED or ELOADED PLUS)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making individual web pages relevant to particular keyword searches performed on search engines. In short, the better optimised the web page is, the higher the ranking it will achieve in search engine results. At eShopFitters we are expert in applying SEO techniques to osCommerce online shops. Whether you have 20 or 20,000 products - we can help.

Our osCommerce SEO package includes:

1. A comprehensive investigation of your current search engine ranking, together with a comparison of your strategy with that of your top ranked competitors.

  • For upto 50 key words or key phrases, we will analyse more than fifty search engines to determine your current ranking.
  • For your 3 most important key words or key phrases we will analyse the top 10 search engine results from a popular search engine of your choice e.g. Google, Yahoo or MSN. This data will show you what your competitors have done to achieve their top 10 ranking. By emulating their strategy and making improvements yourself, you can then achieve a top search engine ranking.

2. Installation of a number of extra osCommerce software modules to your site.

  • Meta Tags Module
    Meta tags alone do not give a high search engine ranking but a coordinated combination of page title, meta tags and page content can significantly improve your position. The Meta Tag Module allows you to control the page title and meta tag information for each individual product and category.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    The text of the URL or web address is an extra source of important information for the search engine spider. Having your main keywords in the URL for each product and category page can significantly help your search engine rankings. Search Engine Friendly URLs use a server feature called mod_rewrite to re-write the URL so that the outside world sees only the URL generated by the database from the product name and category name information.

    From this: http://www.babyben.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1026

    To this: http://www.babyben.co.uk/bushaby-waterproof-baby-suit-p-1026.html

  • All Products Module
    Help the search engine spider! How does a search engine know about every product on your site? Well, a search engine will visit your site and crawl through every link and every category taking note of what it finds - hence the name 'spider'. A great way to help the spider is to present links to all your products on one easy to find page.
  • Google Sitemap
    As Google is the world's most used search engine, the Google search engine spider could be your most important visitor. Google have recently implemented a program where site owners can submit a Google specific sitemap for indexing. This is a great way to keep your site constantly indexed and updated by Google.

3. Optimisation of your current osCommerce configuration.

The majority of search engines are not able to strip off session IDs, that's the long collection of characters usually included in the URL of your site. osCommerce has in-built functionality to remove session IDs when search engines visit your site. Occasionally search engines even index your site with the session IDs present. This could at worst, create a security risk for your site, or at best result in increased overhead for your server. We make sure that search engines are not confused by session IDs by checking your site configuration. We also update the internal 'osCommerce spider file'.

4. Consultation on SEO techniques for your trading area.

Be prepared for when the spider comes to visit your site!

We offer the above service either as a complete package or can provide each module on its own. Please contact us for more details on search engine optimisation.

eShopFitters - the UK osCommerce Experts If you are interested in this service, the first thing to do is contact us either by email or telephone on 0114 38 30 305. One of our technical team will be glad to talk you through the process and offer advice.

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