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Mad Knight is a specialist manufacturer of 28mm miniatures and wargame rules for Greg Staffords World of Glorantha. These miniature figurines are compatible for play in Runequest, Heroquest and other FRP sysyems. Prices compare favourably with Games Workshop Warhammer, Foundry and other specialist toy soldier companies.

Quotes The Website was designed by Eshopfitters. It was done quickly and on budget, and we are very pleased with the overall look and feel of the site that has drawn praise from both hobbyists and website professionals alike. The after sales service that Eshopfitters has provided has been particulary good. Quotes
Andrew Taylor, Mad Knight Castings Ltd

Keywords: Glorantha, Prax, Dragon Pass, Heroquest, Jar-eel, Harrek, Red Emporer, Lunar Empire, Runequest, Moon Design, Design Mechanism, Reaper Miniatures, Armorcast, Pavis, Cragspider, Moonbroth, Argrath, Sartar, Warhammer, Games Workshop, Foundry, Tarsh, Troll, or try our home page for more information.

**Mad Knight Castings
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